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Platform for trading various cryptocurrencies

Each trade can participate in various activities.

Trade against various cryptocurrencies, Buy-Sell crypto based on orderbook

Involve in Exchange offerings.

Earn interest on Investments.

Vote for your favourite coins and earn bonus on referring your friends.

Get funded for your Coins/Tokens

Get your coins/tokens listed.

Apply for coin listing

Get voted for your coin.

Create investment plan for fundings and stacking.

Involve more users by free coin faucets.


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Full Featured Exchange

Exchange that provides buying selling cryptocurrencies againt other fiat and cryptos.

KYC/AML Complinces

On KYC and AML go hand-in-hand in helping to prevent fraud and other illicit activity.

Blockchain availablity is integrated with various blockchains to detect your deposits instantly.

Not just trading

Invest in Deposits,IEO's, Vote for coins, Earn from faucets,Referrals and many more.



Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is Black Bit Mart?

Blackbit Mart, a cryptocurrency exchange, is the best place to invest in cryptocurrency. It aggregates all major exchanges and compares cryptocurrency prices in real-time.

What are our transaction fees?

Blackbit Mart, a cryptocurrency exchange, is the best place to invest in cryptocurrency. It aggregates all major exchanges and compares cryptocurrency prices in real-time.Blackit Mart charges a charge of 0% to 0.1% Depending on which currency you choose for your transaction. You will see the conversion rate inclusive of fees. Notice:These fees do not include the amount that is charged by the exchange or the network fee.

Are the rates subject to change during a transaction?

The price of cryptocurrency is highly volatile and can fluctuate, unlike ordinary money. You may find that the altcoin rate you see prior to the transaction is different after the transaction has been completed. If this happens, the amount of digital currency you receive could be different from what you saw during the comparison.

Can I Withdrawal Crypto To Another Exchange?

Users can transfer/withdraw any crypto to any BlackBit Mart exchange wallet. But No user will move any crypto to another exchange for a few months

What is an Initial Coin Offering (‘ICO’)?

A way to raise money is an Initial Coin Offering (or an ICO). You can raise money by selling a new type or virtual currency, or token (this document will use the term token for ease). The tokens raised can then be used for many purposes by those who raise the money. ICOs can also be called "token sales", "coin sales", or something similar.

Is ICO a good investment?

Investors have a great option with the ICO cryptocurrencys. They are available at low prices to attract interest before they can be traded on the market. The tokens are highly sought-after once they hit the markets and early investors can make a profit by selling them.

What are the advantages of an ICO?

Global investors have the chance to invest in new coins through an ICO. In many cases, digital currency transfers to project coin offerings is a global initiative. The bank account would likely lock the assets if it received many wire transfers within minutes to an IPO account.

If I choose to invest in some tokens, do the same rules around investments apply?

These rules are not applicable. The Regulated Activities Order 2011. defines what constitutes an "investment" for the purposes of the Financial Services Act 2008. Tokens issued by an ICO are not included in this definition. Investors of traditional investment products that are regulated under the Financial Services Act 2008 have no protections for them.

How to get listed on Blackbit Mart?

    We have several listing criteria on our Methodology page that you should take a look. If your project fulfils all the listing criteria, send in an application to us [email protected]



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