Black Bit Mart Required Promoter & Top Leaders

Date:2022-01-30 14:22:32

BlackBit Mart is opening positions for leaders and promoter across the world. Be a part of the top leaders of BlackBit Mart and get benefits.

Position Required:- Promoter

Requirement:- Teach and promote Black Bit Mart through Online Meeting like Google Meets, Zoom meets etc. 

15 Online Meeting Per Month Get $100 Per Month

30 Online Meeting Per Month Get $200 Per Month

Note:- District Head/State Head position will be offered to online promoters who have consistently successful meetings. Promoter will get additional benefits after getting the position.

Other Positions Required:-

District Head

State Head

Country Head

You can apply for any position for which you consider yourself eligible. According to the posts, we will give you targets, and after completing the target, you will get benefits.

Click on this link to apply: -