Crowdhelp Community Coming Soon

Date:2022-02-18 10:08:50

Black Bit Mart will soon start a community that will help those in need.

Anyone who needs help or wants to help can join this community.

Crowdhelp Fighter Fees:- $10 (Not Compulsory)

For Getting Help, Only members can participate in this community.

Help Category:-

Medical - (Minimum Fund $500 To Maximum $15000)

Education - (Minimum Fund $500 To Maximum $7000)

Business - (Minimum Fund $1000 To Maximum $15000)

Marriage - (Minimum Fund $200 To Maximum $2500)

Note:- Only after achieving the Assistant Manager rank will the user be able to apply for self-help or someone else's help.

We will provide you with complete details in a few days. If you have any suggestions, you can mail us. [email protected]