Metaverse Trading Start From 1st December 2022

Date:2022-11-05 17:31:03

Our airdrop is going to end on 27th November 2022. After 27th November, Metaverse coins will not be given for free. For users who haven't activated their account, their Metaverse coins will lapse

There is good news for all of you from 1st December 2022, you will be able to trade Metaverse Coin.

  • Non-workers can trade and withdraw their Metaverse coins every month till 2024.
  • By completing small tasks, you can also withdraw your level income.
  • ICO and Staking of Metaverse Coin will start on 1st December 2022.

Note:- From 28 November to 30 November, Exchange will verify the database of users.